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DURA-FIX Slow Cure 190ml 2 in 1 single cartridge

Dura-Fix 2 in 1 cartridge
Dura-Fix 2 in 1 cartridge
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DURA-FIX Slow Cure 190ml 2 in 1 single cartridge


DURA-FIX Slow Cure is a specially formulated two part epoxy compound designed to repair all species of decayed and damaged wood. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Common applications include window sills, column bases, and vertical wood molding. Also ideal for repairing natural wood imperfections, such as open checking, knots, and splits. DURA-FIX no slump formula provides unparalleled workability on both vertical and horizontal surfaces with large or small repairs.  DURA-FIX provides superior bonding strength and long-term durability. DURA-FIX will not harden and become brittle with age. Non-corrosive and contains no VOC’s

This 190 ml 2 in 1 single cartridge is designed to fit into any conventional 12 ounce caulking gun. Once dispensed, the material requires manual mixing to thoroughly mix parts A and B. Resealable.

“Heritage Restoration, Inc. specializes in maintaining and restoring historic and old buildings. We have used many types of repair and epoxy systems, and the Dura-fix system provides us the ability to adapt to the many filling and repair challenges we face. “

Rob Cagnetta

Heritage Restoration, Inc

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