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Dura-Fix Cold Weather Formula 450ml Dual Cartridge

Dutch Curlfix#3fix.jpg
Dutch Curlfix#3fix.jpg

Dura-Fix Cold Weather Formula 450ml Dual Cartridge

  • Dura-Fix Cold Weather Formula ( CWF ) is designed to cure overnight in temperatures between 45-65 degrees.

Dura-Fix CWF can also be used in warmer temperatures ( 70-90 degrees ) where a faster cure is desired.

Dura-Fix CWF has the same outstanding performance characteristics you can expect from our original Dura-Fix Slow Cure Formula:

  • Tailored for 45° to 65°

  • Specially formulated for wood repair

  • Can be machined, drilled, & sanded

  • Will not slump,sag or shrink

  • Can be molded and shaped

  • For interior and exterior use

  • Remains flexible

  • Solvent free & low order

  • One year shelf life once opened

  • Premetered dispensing

  • Promotes sustainability

  • Resealable

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